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Voluntown Baptist Church

Updated Mon September 7 5:02 PM

What we plan to do about COVID-19

We are holding worship services every Sunday at our Outdoor Sancutary located behind the church every Sunday at 9:30 AM. These services are being streamed Live on both YouTube and Facebook. The link will be posted at 9:15 AM on the homepage.

Pastor Andrzej is providing a midweek devotional every Wednesday to help keep everyone connected to each other and connected to God during this crazy and uncertain time. Visit our Midweek Devotionals Playlist on Youtube to view our Midweek Devotionals.

To stay connected and not miss our live streams and devotionals, subscribe to Voluntown Baptist Church on YouTube and follow us on our Facebook page. Be sure to click on the notification bell next to the subscribe button on Youtube to be notified of when we start a stream, post a devotional, or make a special announcement. We have a playlist set up for our Midweek Devotionals and one for our Services.

We now offer the ability to tithe and donate online. The link to do so is on the homepage and the Page can be found in the About Us menu. Or you can click here to take you to our Giving page.

We also have a food pantry for those in need. Please contact the church for more information.

52 Main Street * P.O. Box 508 * Voluntown, CT 06384 (860)-376-9485